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R2METOO [Jun. 4th, 2008|07:26 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |in mah bed!]
[feeling |contentcontent]
[sound |Bitter Sweet Kicks // X'd]

jack and i finished first semester!
got lotsa shit planned for holidays...
we're gonna paint my house to pay for
a trip to byron bay! amy and pauly are coming too, we're staying with my uncle.
then jack and i are house-sitting for the woolies while they go to thailand!
and we might go stay with cam 'sucky lips' 'truman' 'gilligan' 'halogen' for a weekend, for a "cheeky surf", haha.
i'm happy. :)

last week we walked into uni to find the following scrawled on the wall right inside the gate:
"i hate fags, die queers! love jesse jane". dunno who the fuck would write that (they also wrote, "art is dead go home everyone MOMO" which was less offensive, but still lame), but it was distressing me.
so i got metho and rags and spent half an hour trying to scrub it off... but it was still faintly visible, so jack sprayed an awesome bull over it!
made me feel much better.

i feel like tequila!